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Hugo Boss Selection Eau de Toilette 90ml

Hugo Boss Selection Eau de Toilette 90ml

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A sophisticated and crisp fragrance that epitomizes the essence of a modern gentleman, this scent starts with a lively mix of fresh green notes, mandarin, and pink peppercorns, offering a vibrant opening. The heart unveils a refined blend of geranium and cedar leaves, lending an aromatic, floral sophistication that seamlessly transitions into the clean lines of a tailored suit. The base of patchouli, vetiver, and musky notes solidifies a smooth and enduring finish, encapsulating a timeless elegance.

The packaging is sleek and refined, with a clear, sharp design that conveys the classic yet contemporary nature of the fragrance. Perfect for the discerning man who values elegance and subtlety in his personal scent, it suits a range of occasions from business meetings to elegant social gatherings.

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