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Skin Treats 7 Day Cracker 7 X Clay Face Mask

Skin Treats 7 Day Cracker 7 Piece Clay Face Mask
7 clay face masks to energize & mosturise
Nourishing Kaolin and Benotine Clay Masks
1 behind each of 7 doors for a full week of masking
Leave the mask for 10-15 minutes and relax and don't forget the selfie

•7 clay face masks to energise and moisturise your skin for a renewed and refreshed appearance.
•Revitalising pineapple mask.
•Soothing banana mask.
•Radiating watermelon mask.
•Moisturising strawberry mask.
•Purifying avocado mask.
•Nourishing shea mask.
•Calming tea-tree mask.