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Police To Be Tattooart Eau De Parfum 75ml


Police To Be Tattooart Eau de Parfum 75ml

•TO BE TATTOOART FOR WOMAN by POLICE is an Eau de Parfum for women seeking to escape the norm.
• This fragrance is included in the Floral Fruity Gourmand family and is designed to refresh and sweeten your personal essence.
• The fragrance represents the perfect blend between modern femininity and the power of seduction.
• Its fragrance of apple plum and fresh maple sap mix with sandalwood and sweet marshmallow to transport you to the best of your memories.
• This perfume is perfect if you are looking for a different gift for a young restless and feminine girl seeking new challenges who appreciates small details.
• A common ingredient in fragrances for men that gives them a very penetrating smoky aroma.
• In this case it is also mixed with fruity and aromatic fragrances for an incredible effect.
• This is the concept of this fragrance.
• With a design bottle based on a skull dyed blue and decorated with flowers it breaks with the standards of the usual perfumes and shows that sometimes things which may a priori not seem to be art may in fact be so.
• With fruity and floral notes top notes of apple freesia plum and maple sap passes through jasmine violet pink and heliotrope to drydown with sandalwood cedar marshmallow and musk creating a potent longlasting blend.